What is Qmole?

1) It’s a smart routing tiling window manager for tablets.
That’s kind of a world’s first !
2) It’s a compatibility container
QMole allows iPhones and iPads to run graphical Linux applications. It enables touch-screen operation of Linux applications executing together with native iOS applications on a self contained Linux style desktop. This desktop introduces automatic window management for the touch screen and enables full access to the data on your device.

QMole Architecture

QMole is a hybrid. It is not a virtualization solution like VMWare or VirtualBox. Neither is it an operating system. It requires no new API of application developers, as does iOS. QMole sandwiches applications in standard Linux abstraction on one side and provides touch screen abstractions and window management on the other side. This provides re-usability of Linux applications.In architectural terms, QMole occupies a space somewhere between BSD and Linux, but based on the Darwin kernel.